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Types Of Locks

We need not worry about the variety of the locks. There is a great variety of locks to choose from. You can add variety, novelty and uniqueness to the locks that you are attaching to your doors, or windows or any other domestic fittings. The most common types of the locks available in the market are knob locks, levers, deadbolts and the padlocks. 


These locks are not of permanent nature. They are attached to any surface whenever it is required. They are of different sizes and shapes. They can be bought in the portable version too. The two popular versions of this lock are the combination lock and the keyed lock. The keyed lock is the simplest as it works like an ordinary padlock that needs a key. The combination padlocks are little complex. It has a mechanized operation system that uses the number system to open or close the locking system. The keyed padlocks are further classified into rekey able or non-rekey able padlocks. 


Deadbolts are meant for the main doors and the gates. They have three different versions being single, double and the lockable thumb turn. The single deadbolts have a cylinder fixed to the exterior and there is a rosary attached to the inside that can be used to open the door. In the double cylinder deadbolt lock the key opening space is both inside and outside the lock. Every time you use this deadbolt you are in need of a key. The most recent type of the lock is the lockable thumb turn that is the hybrid between the earlier two versions of the locks. They offer better safety and ease of operation.

Knob Locks

Knob locks are an outclass option for the residential spaces. They are added along with the deadbolts. They are considered as the best alternate for the interior doors. When it comes to the exterior doors they cannot be preferred as they are easy to break with tools like hammer. 


Lever Handle Locks

The business buildings often use the lever handle locksmith Holden Hill for the doors inside the space. The pushdown kind of lever makes it easier to open the door without exerting heavy pressure and using additional energy. The can be bought according to the left and right handed option. The perfect measurement of the backset helps in buying the right kind of the handle lock. 

Cam Locks

Awesome 24 hour locksmith are great for the mailboxes and the document cabinets. Their length and size also varies. It is easy to interface with the locking system s with the help of the additional tailpieces. They can rotate up to 180 degrees.

Rim/Mortise Locks

Rim cylinder and Mortise cylinder locks are used in the commercial set ups. Rim cylinder locks are usually installed inside the doors. They are fixed with the help of two screws. The mortise locks are threaded ones and use screws for attachment too. The length of the mortise cylinder varies from lock to lock.

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