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The Pros And The Cons Of Using Timber Bench Top


Giving an old look to the entire look makes them look attractive.

Who doesn’t want their garden or their pantry to look pretty or catch others eyes? For which they keep accessories in them and decorations in order to make it look catchy. Getting a timber benchtops

Is it durable?

The timber bench top is highly durable and of such a quality that will last even longer than any other material bench top, since it’s made up of wood and it can even be reshaped if not liked the genuine way.

The pros and the cons of using timber bench top

Everything has their good and bad, therefore let me list some of the critiques of the uses of timber bench-tops. Since the Timber has said to the softest of the rest ones, it is most likely that they will cause stains, even if you put a hot pan on top of the timber bench top, it might stain. Followed by the discolouration due to the water can turn out to be a con too. These are some of the reasons why I think you should explore other materials of bench tops too, to know what’s the best suit for you.

Coming towards the pros, and the good side of using the timber bench tops.

Kitchen renovators choosing the timber bench top

People these days and the renovators suggest the use of the timber bench top in the kitchen which is because they are in love with the-look that the timber bench top creates, not only that but make sure to choose the colour that you would like to keep, aligning it with the colour coordination with the kitchen theme so that it looks good and compliments the kitchen. Mostly there are three types of timber that can be used as the timber bench tops and they are as follows, Tasmanian oaks, blackbutt and Victorian ash.

Cost of new and recycled timber

When you go looking for a recycled timber, that doesn’t really mean that you’re going to get a second-hand cheap product but the value of the recycled timber mis much more than the other materials. Because then the cost will involve not only the cost of the timber but the cost of rarity of the wood and labour intensive.

The kind of colour variations

When you come forward to get the recycled timber you should be mentally prepared that the timber will have a colour variation, not once will be the two boards of the same colour there will always be a bit of discolouration in the recycled timber.

Questions that you should ask your supplier

These are a list of questions that people should ask before getting the recycled timber table for their selves, where did the recycled timber come from? What class is the timber? What is the moisture content of the recycled timber? For more information visit our website: www.bomboracustomfurniture.com.au

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