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How To Choose The Right Cake Baker For Your Nuptials

As interestingly as the decoration and theme stands out at a nuptial, the cake that you have on display waiting to be cut is the same. Your cake could be over the top or something simple, but what matters is that it tastes great too. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a baker for your big day. 

Wedding venue bakers

Certain hotels now offer the facilities of an in-house cake shops Auckland baker skilled with designing wedding cakes for big days. Working with such persons will reduce the extra effort you have to make finding a baker and the cost you would incur in hiring one externally. When you choose to work with the in-house person your costs may even be reduced. So find about such facilities beforehand and save your time. Talk to them and test out their skills yourself before going ahead with anything!

Those close to the venue

Transporting large tiered wedding cakes Auckland is not easy. It adds extra to the overall cost you have to bear when it comes to hosting a wedding. To avoid this or reduce the costs even my a few hundred dollars, search for bakers situated close to your venue. This will remove the need for high transporting costs and reduce possible damages when transporting too!


If a person has won an award for a service that they are offering, it is a sign that they know exactly what they are doing. However, there could also be those that are equally skilled yet without any awards. So if you have time work on finding out details of such persons or make an effort in finding those who have been awarded. This will remove the hassle of having to be extra precautious of the person you are working with.

Have a selection range

When selecting a baker don’t ever go with the first person that you meet up with. Sure their cakes might be out of this world and their designs might be simply amazing, but there might be other details that they fall short in that you might have not even thought of. These details could be just as important to the final outcome as the taste and design. So meet up with a range of different people and then make your choice!

Don’t forget that the cake you choose should be something everyone would enjoy and set aside a day for cake tasting. This will reduce the chances of not serving something delicious and of the best quality. So find the right baker and serve one memorable cake the guests would rave about even after years to come!

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