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Four Awesome Evening Hen Party Ideas

As a first-time bridesmaid, you must be excited about getting stand by your best friend as she takes her vows and enters into a life of love with her significant other. But, before getting to that there are several other matters that you must take care of, none more important than the much-anticipated hen party! While the bride will expect an epic blowout before becoming a wife, the rest of ladies will also expect a memorable night full of excitement. These four ideas for an evening hen party will help you plan your event successfully.

A BBQ night

Who says BBQ nights are only for the guys? Just make sure the venue has a neat yard and some shade to get under if the weather becomes an issue. BBQ parties are the perfect combination of mouthwatering food and outdoor chill and you can do so many other fun activities and games while you’re at it. If you can burrow a grill from someone it’ll save you a lot of money and all the girls can pitch in for the drinks and the meat. Make sure you let everyone know about the ideas early and get to know if there are any vegetarians, so you can arrange meals for them as well.

A home cocktail night

Trust me when I tell you that making your own cocktails and getting creative with them is so much more fun than buying drinks at some noisy pub bustling with people. Gather the girls to your place and prepare all your favourite cocktails all night long. Be sure to have plenty of ingredients and stick to recipes that are easy to make and for you to teach those who hasn’t done this before. Organize a few games for hens night such as charades, murder mystery and truth or dare to keep the girls entertained once they are done making the drinks. Visit this link https://www.sydneyhen.com.au/ for more info on games for hens night.

A cruise party

Not many things are fancier or more exciting than a boat party and this will be an epic way to get crazy with your bestie before the big day. Sydney offers scenic Sydney harbour party cruises that will take you along the Sydney harbour that is majestic during the night and let you have the best time with the girls in the cool breeze blowing from the ocean.

A clothes swap night

This is probably one of the riskiest ways to spend the eve with your hens, swapping each other’s clothes until you end up with something that you love and had wanted to steal from a girlfriend’s closet for a very long time. Give the ladies a prior notice and inform them the venue and ask them to wear something fancy and come. You’ll need to get some drinkies ready to get the girls in the mood for the fun and some snacks to munch on.

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