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Everything To Know About The Working, Selection, And Installation Of LEV Ventilation


About LEV ventilation system:

LEV stands for local exhaust ventilation; this system of ventilation is defined as the system of production that is designed to decrease employee coverage to airborne pollutants like fume, gas, dust, vapour and mist in the factory or workplace. There are two types of ventilation systems, Local Exhaust ventilation systems and General industrial ventilation systems. LEV ventilation happens by catching the contamination at the supply and transferring it to a filter or cyclone. This system consists of spray booths, an extraction system of wood dust, an extraction system of welding fume, an extraction system of grinding, laboratory fume cabinets, and an extraction system of soldering fume. LEV ventilation system captures contamination near the source and discharges outside.

How does the LEV ventilation system work?

Local exhaust ventilation systems reduce the danger of the employees making unprotected from dust, gas, mist, fumes, and vapour. LEV ventilation system works by gathering airborne pollutants and sucking in air. It carries airborne toxins far from the workshop or office. This system cleans the air and removes the pollutants by discharging them outside. LEV ventilation systems work like vacuum cleaners to remove dust from the workplace. The basic elements of this system are hood, duct, filter, air remover or fan, exhaust stack or discharge. A hood captures contaminants and pollutants. Duct guides polluted air and filter cleans the air. The fan is used to blow and suck air outside. An exhaust stack is used to discharge air. LEV ventilation is considered best for fume and smoke source, vapour, and dust extraction. 

About LEV selection and installation:

You may confuse while choosing the right LEV ventilation system, so there is a need to be careful and attentive while selecting the best type and design of LEV ventilation system. Because faulty installation and poor maintenance can decrease the capability to trap and can be contained contaminated air. Poor design can also affect its installation and maintenance in the workplace. Due to these motives, the design of the LEV ventilation system must be competent and installed by a professional and qualified engineer. You also need to consult with a professional hygienist, ventilation engineers and LEV system suppliers to fulfil the needs of your ventilation system. The installation process of LEV ventilation systems must be complete and proper to avoid any inconvenience in future and for the safety of employees and the industry.


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